About AlienDB


AlienDB is an analytics platform for Reddit. It tracks and stores historical data for the top threads on Reddit in order to provide karma trends, comment stats, and subreddit profiles. This website is not affiliated with Reddit, and can only access data which is publicly available.


AlienDB monitors the top 100 submissions on /r/all and periodically records information including each submission's rank, its number of comments, and its current karma. Each comment is processed to record cumulative coins given (silver/gold/platinum) and special user presence. Text readability is measured based on word count and complexity. Comment text is not stored. Additionally, submissions are analyzed using the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) and TextBlob for recording the polarity and subjectivity of submission titles and comments.

Subreddit Profiles

Statistics from individual submissions are also used to provide subreddit averages. It is important to note that only submissions which reach the top of Reddit are included in these averages, so subreddit averages should not be used as a way to describe a subreddit as a whole. Rather, it is a useful tool to determine whether an individual submission is significantly different than others which were also highly upvoted from the subreddit.


AlienDB was created by xgi as part of Faltro. You can contact me in the following places: